Kim Riddell

Founder, Author & Tour Manager
Kim RiddellI have been living in Warwickshire since 1997 and in Wilmcote since December.

I have been a Tour Guide and Tour Manager since 1991 and I  work throughout Europe and the UK & Ireland. I have a Blue Badge Guide qualification for the heart of England area.

I am often asked if I have a favourite place, and I always have to think.  Travel is something I wanted to do from an early age and everywhere has something that is interesting and unique so my usual answer is “wherever I happen to be”

But as I chose the Stratford Upon Avon district as my home, the real answer has to be “Here”

I have guided special interest groups, and general tourist groups, of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities – I am always proud and happy to be able to deliver a successful tour which they all enjoy – especially when they say they have learned something new.


Travel should always be fun and interesting.

The idea behind my concept for ‘Nutshell Tours’ is to provide an interesting and concise commentary on tours that take people to somewhere they can relax knowing everything is well organised, leaving them to enjoy the destination, with enough information to make the visit interesting and perhaps personal, to them.

My own interests are many and varied ;  Literature. I love to visit the places where the writers and artists lived, the places that inspired them. Gardens – though far from green fingered myself, I love to see beautiful landscapes and planted gardens – hoping that somehow the prowess of the creators will wear off on me! Art, architecture, Movie and TV locations, and of course the history of our great country. It’s wonderful to be able to combine the realm of the imagination with the fabric of our own history and landscape, to create a fun and exciting tour.

Of Course in my role as Tour Manager, I have visited many countries outside of the UK, which I also love to do. Language has always fascinated me and I enjoy learning a new language. I’m trying to tackle Portuguese at present, you’d think it would be easy , as I already speak Spanish and Italian but actually that makes it surprisingly difficult, but I will persist, as I hate to be in a country where I cannot communicate!


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